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Quick Decisions Lead to Top Candidates: Are you Prepared to Take the 3rd Choice?

In today’s world, technology moves fast. The unemployment rate for technology jobs is concerning. What does that mean for you? There are few resources available for the open position you may currently have. The best candidates today are highly sought after and are usually “off the market” within a week, maybe two at the most.

All recruiters are looking for the best person they can get for the most affordable price, but the reality of the story is that not everyone will get their top choice. Are you prepared to take your third choice candidate?

As of late, making decisions on selecting resources has slowed tremendously. When these decisions slow, the window of opportunity for you to snag that top choice becomes smaller and companies end up having to take their second or third choice candidate after a few rounds of interviews. The extended time frame is too long for the outstanding job prospects to sit and wait for an answer. Often, companies pass on a very qualified candidate, hoping to find someone better or less expensive. We see companies setting the resumes of top choices aside, but continuing to interview just in case they come across someone who is a better fit. Perfection is always a good choice, but the longer an interview process continues, the less likely good candidates will be available when that decision is made. If you are still interviewing, so are they. If you find a good candidate, act fast. Making decisions solely on price is not always the best option. Keep in mind that you often get what you pay for. The most “affordable” candidate may not have the skills necessary to perform the job efficiently and effectively, possibly resulting in the need to replace them and the loss of critical time.

We recommend that companies identify a first, second, and third choice and make a decision quickly, knowing that if a candidate is your first choice, they may be someone else’s as well.

If you aren’t ready to make a decision then it’s probably best to not waste time in starting the interview process. If you are slow to offer a position, the figures show that the likelihood of your best candidate being available is low. Prep yourself now and just agree with your team that you will likely have to take your third choice if you aren’t prepared to move quickly.