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5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Working With an IT Staffing Company

Today, technology is growing faster than ever.  More IT jobs are popping up across the country and as a result, the right IT consultant is becoming harder to find.  It’s important that you are partnered with the right staffing provider to find you the talent you need.

With so many different IT staffing companies out there, which one is the right one for you and your business?  Sometimes it can be hard to tell.  However, it’s important that you ask yourself (or your potential IT staffing partner) these questions before you start a partnership with them.  Doing so might save you time and money in the end.

1)  How Is Your Relationship With Them?
One, if not the most, important things you should consider when looking to work with an IT staffing company is the relationship you have with the Account Manager.  Having a strong relationship with them will help them to understand you and your company better.  An Account Manager or Recruiter that “gets” your company in staffing can mean the difference between having a great team working for you or constantly replacing consultants that aren’t working out.  Make sure that your IT staffing provider understands your business, technologies and workplace atmosphere.

2)  What’s Their Reputation?
There are many IT staffing companies out there trying to win your business.  Some have been in business for over 25 years and some popped up last week.   It’s important you do your research on this company to get some background information.  How long they’ve been in business, how many clients and consultants they have and what their reputation is in the industry are important things for you to know. Don’t partner yourself with someone who doesn’t have a great reputation for high quality service.

3)  Can They Give You Recommendations?
In addition to doing your research, ask the company for any references they might be able to share with you.  Also, utilize your own network to get recommendations for IT staffing partners.  After all, many times the best partnerships comes from people who have already had great success with a company.

4)  How Do They Attract Talent?
Knowing how your potential IT partner finds and retains the talent you require is vital to your search.  How expansive their database of candidates is and if they have any active pipelines of the roles you are looking for is important to know.  As most recruiting is done online these days, it creates the issue of everyone going after the same talent.  How does your IT staffing partner differentiate themselves or use creative ways to find the talent you need for your company?

5)  Do They Specialize?
Some IT staffing firms are a jack of all trades.  They have expansive networks in various areas of technology and can find you talent at the drop of a hat.  Others might do really well in certain areas of technology and have strong pipelines in only those segments.  Either one can work for you as long as they have these strong connections in the roles you are looking in.

Ready to ask these questions to find the right IT staffing firm?  Contact Platform Staffing and we’d be happy to answer them for you.